“I wound up at Core Connection after winning a free session at a silent auction. I’ve always been pretty lazy about follow through when it comes to going to a gym and thought I’d check it out and then never go back. It’s now been over a year, I’m 30lbs lighter and in better shape now than I have been in a long time. Teya is an outstanding trainer and her attention to detail makes a huge difference. The workout isn’t standard, cookie cutter typical ‘gym’ stuff. She pays attention to your body and posture and tailors the core exercises to help strengthen and tone where you actually need help not where you may think you need help. The workout is challenging. Usually Teya announces to me she’s got something new for me to try, demonstrates a new core exercise and I adamentaly respond there is NO way I can do it…I’m always wrong. Teya’s sessions are something I look forward to every week. She may have me lifting weights while balancing on top of a ball or doing an IT band stretch but whatever it is, it will keep me motivated, moving and coming back for more.”


Executive Producer/Director


“After about 6 workouts, I feel my core and back are so much more balanced, and aware. I sweat a lot – and while I’ve done capoeira, regular gym workouts, zumba classes, I would personally say that this workout has the best and most lasting effects.”




“Working with Teya is liking working with a friend. She’s so easy to get along with, she listens, she laughs with you and helps you through the process. My core got stronger, I got more confident and I’m always excited about the process. Teya is a rare find.”




“[Teya’s] dedicated focus on every inch of my body has made an unbelievable difference to my mobility and overall well-being.”