webbeforeafter72Getting your abdominal muscles back after pregnancy can seem like a daunting feat.  Where to begin?  How soon can I start?  What exercises are ok to begin with?  Will I strain something?  These are all very important questions.  The answer is to start gently from the innermost abdominal layer out.  That inner layer is called the transverse abdominis (TVA).  This is the muscle that holds in all your organs, protects your back by relieving vertical pressure in the spine, and stabilizes the pelvis.  It is your “inner corset.” The TVA is a crucial muscle of the core that often is lazy or asleep or stretched out after pregnancy.  The TVA is the muscle that needs re-education and strengthening.  It is vital to get the abdominal muscles fully functional shortly after birth so the body doesn’t forget how to use them permanently.

Do you know how strong you need to be just to carry your baby?  Moms are true athletes.  It is extremely important to counteract all the carrying, feeding, changing, and rocking that is pulling you forward by strengthening your back and core and improving your posture.  While it may seem impossible to leave your house, believe me it will be worth it!  Stretching over a ball will feel heavenly.  Beginning to get your body back and doing something for yourself will feel even better.  Even just getting to talk with another adult is so gratifying when you have been cooped up with baby for so long.  It is time to reclaim your body!!

Don’t worry about the hassle of finding a babysitter, bring your baby with you!