Teya Wolvington is a dancer and personal trainer in Pasadena, CA. She is certified both as a CHEK Excercise Coach and a CHEK Practitioner Level 1. As a trained dancer she has a unique understanding of the body in motion, which she applies to her personal training practice.

Teya was introduced to core training by her own personal trainer, David Henre, as a youth in New Mexico. He had her balancing on exercise balls, walking on benches, and throwing medicine balls. It was different than what people around them were doing on the weight machines and cardio equipment. Even back then, she knew these movements were more practical for everyday use, as opposed to the muscle isolating machines that were bolted to the floor which didn’t require the core for stability. Plus, David’s exercises were also way more fun!

David’s technique was different because it used the core muscles to stabilize, no matter what else your limbs were doing. For example, Teya was not allowed to let her tummy hang out while she did a bicep curl. Instead she might stand on one foot, not only using her bicep but also engaging all the muscles needed to stay balanced, thereby integrating the movement into her whole body.

She learned that ALL MOVEMENT ORIGINATES IN THE CORE. This is the type of training David Henre received at the Chek Institute. Little did Teya know she would find herself at the Chek Institute 10 years later learning the same techniques, assessments, and exercises she had experienced so long before.

Since her certification Teya trains in Pasadena at her beautiful private studio. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others who benefit from extensive body awareness and learning to really “feel” their bodies move in ideal alignment. This type of core training is the key to maintaining mobility through life.